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About me

Behind each photo, each realization, each creation, each piece tasted hides a small hand. Yours, my daughter’s who inspired the name of the site or mine, Fanny.

2020. Global pandemic. First containment.

Like many, I’m behind the stove to keep myself busy. I do it more than usual. Passionate and a graduate of pastry, it is not uncommon to find myself behind my pastry robot preparing a new delicacy to delight my loved ones. Cyril Lignac launched Tous en cuisine, a way to get closer, not to be isolated in this atypical time by bringing us together in the kitchen around good food. That’s when I said to myself: “What if I did the same thing, but with a group of friends and around cakes? And that’s how I started to give baking classes to my friends, on video, once a week.

And you know what? I loved it! A revelation, even! I was exploring pastry from another angle: teaching, but not just any teaching:

Reveal everyone’s potential, no matter what their level, and above all, with everyone’s equipment! No pastry bag, no rhodoïd (késako?), no cake ring, no cake stand? No problem! We think, we adapt and we succeed! And above all, you can do it again on your own with the right advice.

You will gain confidence in yourself, in your creative potential, in your abilities to make cakes with your own personality! You will see, with a little patience, your level will evolve quickly and your desire to challenge yourself too!

Let’s get together for a convivial moment of sharing?