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Rates, details, ideas

RatesAt home
Price per person per hour35€/pax + travel expenses
Rates from 5 people per hour30€/pax + travel expenses

Online classes are done either through WhatsApp or the Teams app depending on the number of people. They can be public and will appear in the ” French pastry classes” . You can request a private online course via the contact form.

In-home courses are private and take place in the client’s home. Please fill in the contact form for a private workshop request.

You should allow at least 2 hours for an in-home lesson. The number of hours varies according to the “complexity” of the pastry.

The flavors are adapted according to the tastes of the customer.

Children may participate in the class accompanied by an adult.

Pastry ideas

Classes are available for all levels from beginner to more experienced. From the most classical to the most creative.


Choux pastry: cream puffs, Paris-Brest, éclairs, croquembouche, chouquettes…


Tarts: from the simplest chocolate tart to the most qualitative to learn different techniques (piping, textures …).
2h lesson – 75€/pers.
The fruit tarts follow the seasons.


Viennoiseries: from the classic brioche to croissant dough, filled French milk bread…
3h course – 100€/pers.

galette des rois

The puff pastry: preparation of a single batch of puff pastry (which can be frozen), millefeuille, galette (king cake), apple and caramel turnovers, palm trees…
Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this course.

Birthday Cake: layered, without using sugar paste or buttercream and working on french fillings.
Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this course.

Gateau d'anniversaire

Decoration: learn different piping techniques to decorate a birthday cake for example.
Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this course.


Cupcakes without using buttercream: using french fillings, filled, with a chocolate or cream decoration…


Travel Cakes: chef’s cookies, madeleines, cakes…

christmas yule log

Yule log: with or without mold, using different flavors and texture combinations…

Roulés individuels

Entremets and individual cakes: opera, french strawberry cream cake, fruit or chocolate charlotte…
Count on a minimum of 3 hours for this course and a long chill time.

tarte carrot cake

Revisit: revisiting cakes with different flavors, textures and shapes. Carrot cake tart…
Allow a minimum of 3 hours for this course.

Praliné: how to make a praliné, how to create your own praliné, what are the rules to follow?