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During the lockdown, I had the opportunity to make her online pastry recipes with Fanny. As a beginner, I must say that I immediately appreciated her ability to rally people around a cake project. I really appreciated her pedagogy, her willingness to make an effort, her ability to guide with a smile, her encouragement and her advice. Thank you to her for getting us through this confinement with her recipes, her ideas, her advice, for sharing all these moments with kindness. For making us grow in our recipes.


As a pastry novice, I took several workshops with Fanny and loved them. Fanny has enabled me to do things I never thought I could do. She’s patient, listens, smiles and it was a pleasure to do these pastry workshops with her! Thanks to these tips, I’ve been able to make pastries on my own at home without any worries. Fanny has a gift for making what seems complicated “simple”, and it’s with passion that she passes on her tips and recipes. For example, I was able to do a magnificent Paris Brest, and what’s more from a distance, which I’d never have thought possible. I really enjoyed the experience! I highly recommend Fanny!


Taking part in pastry workshops with Fanny gave me self-confidence, and helped me see that more elaborate pastries were within easy reach. When I bake now, I’m more daring, I think more about textures and different tastes. And I’ve learned a lot about tips and tricks that aren’t in the recipes in the books! In short, there’s a real before-and-after effect.


Fanny is passionate about her work and loves to pass it on. She’s a great teacher, organized and always in a good mood. I recommend her without hesitation.


Fanny showed me a great deal of patience and understanding, even though I didn’t think I’d ever succeed with my pastry. The result: thanks to her clear instructions and advice, it was a success. I highly recommend her.


Had as a teacher for pastry workshops during confinement. A great teacher who knows how to get down to the level of the people she’s teaching. Everything becomes easier and you really progress!


Fanny is a pedagogue who takes her time and listens carefully when teaching pastry, and always in a good mood!


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